Dance Team
Anointed Steps
Dance Team 
Tommy Brooks (Leader)​
Maggie Woods
Baylee Cothrow
Candace House
Paula Sharp
Ashley Daniel- Feltner​​​​​​​
“Anointed Steps” dance ministry of New Covenant Church Chattanooga is one year strong now. God has truly blessed us and the callings on our lives.

“Praise his name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp.” - Psalm 149:3

Mission: To go out and show Jesus’ love through dancing, and worshipping.

Vision: To show people that the love of Christ can be shown through our expressions of dance and praise.

Personal Testimony:

I have been involved in church since I was born. My grandmother and I went every time the doors were open. I grew up in the Church of Christ faith. After attending there for about 20 years and realizing who I was, I was asked to leave the church. Being outspoken as I am, I left vowing to never return to church again.

I met my husband Pastor Jason in 2001. He had also grown up in the church and after several years of discussion of trying to get me to go back, I reluctantly went. We attended the MCC church for a while and met some great friends. I was a little taken back by this coming from my background. I knew instantly however that I had some type of calling on my life. While there, we had a dance ministry. I was asked to join by the team leader so I decided to give this “faith” thing a chance.

Wow! Little did I know, that would be one of those callings on my life. I never knew that type of dance even existed. After much studying and attending several dance conferences, I realized that dancing for the Lord was one of my gifts. It took me about 3 years to finally dance on my own. During this time, God had given me lots of dances to prepare me for my future. I did not know at that time when that would be.

Tommy Lancaster-Brooks
Anointed Steps Dance Team Leader
New Covenant Church Chattanooga

Dance Ministry